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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on ursula burns Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! At a young age, Burns exhibited unequaled interest and capability in mathematics thus prompting her to like mathematics throughout her learning years (West Hartford).

Burns’ mother acted as an immense inspiration for being able to cater for own three children single handedly thus giving her inner strength as well as courage. All through her life, almost each thing seemed extremely hard including utter deterrent from people who constantly told her how unlucky she was because been black, underprivileged and more so of being a woman. However, Burns’ mother tried to equivocate all those discouragements get into her and constantly reminded own daughter that, where she was will not in anyway delineate her future (“Embassy of the United States of America”).

Back then, she anticipated of embracing nursing career, nun or if not those a teacher. Since, all these aspirations descended from the influence of their teachers in catholic schools where she schooled while undertaking high school studies. Conversely, not all the three options did prompt her feel contented as her ambition was to become an engineer, hence defying careers that her tutors were advising her to undertake (“Lean In”). Nursing this dream and actualizing it did not seem that easy but due to constant encouragements especially from the mother as well as her high school, Cathedral High School she eventually managed (Robertson 3).

Due to her proficiency in mathematics, she ended up schooling in Polytechnic Institute of new York University (Smith 1903). Here she chose a career path, which majority of the students was men and mostly the whites thus joining few females dared to pursue engineering. Initially, she opted to undertake chemical engineering but eventually changing to mechanical engineering for she thought it suited her more than the former.

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