Hi Need To Submit A 250 Words Essay On The Topic Corporate Finance Law It Is Thi

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Corporate Finance Law.

It is this reason that led me to pick my thesis proposal title as. ‘Critically evaluate the way in which Islamic financial institutions have looked to develop their corporate governance in comparison with the western world, particularly the UK and the US, in the wake of the global economic crisis with a view to enhancing their position within the global economy.’

I believe that my Masters research, which I successfully undertook in your esteemed institution with my dissertation topic being ‘Can Islamic Finance Provide Sufficient Legal Guarantees for Conventional Western Investors?’ has prepared me in seeking a career towards International banking law. I have since developed a passion for research in corporate governance in international financial institutions and would like to adopt a career path in this field. Although my key strengths lie in this field, I strongly believe that the program will enable me develop expertise on not only my field, but on other related fields, for example, regulating banking practices.

Earning a PhD in your esteemed organization would aid me to further my skills and ultimately act as the springboard of my career. I hope the admissions committee finds my strengths and background satisfactory for admittance into the Westminster University for a PhD

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