Hi I Need Help With Essay On Why Does Bullying Occur Among Prisoners Paper Must

Hi, I need help with essay on Why does bullying occur among prisoners. Paper must be at least 3750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Finally, the psychological forms of bullying comprise manipulating societal interrelations, extortion and scattering rumors (Blazer, 2005). The behaviors concerning bullying take place in every sphere of life such as in families, schools as well as in the workplaces. The effects of bullying behaviors might result in increased level of depression, fear, sadness and illness among others. In general, it can be stated that certain individuals generally perform bullying behaviors with the intention of exercising full control as well as domination particularly over the weaker individuals (Lines, 2007).

&nbsp.The significant aspect of bullying amid the prisoners has undoubtedly become a significant concern and it is regarded as a behavior that generally takes place amid every sort of prisoners whether young, men, adult or women. Different sorts of bullying can impose significant impacts upon the attitudes as well as the behaviors of the prisoners to a greater extent. Moreover, the effects of bullying can severely affect the lives of the prisoners in terms of generating fear as well as tension, physical injuries, depression, and illness (Ireland, 2002).

&nbsp.This paper intends to conduct a detailed literature review based analysis about the significant aspect of bullying that occurs among the prisoners in prisons. The structure of this paper will be designed by considering a descriptive as well as a critical evaluation along with a conclusion concerning the aforementioned subject matter. In this connection, the source materials that would be used for analyzing the aforesaid topic are renowned published journals and books along with pertinent online sources.

&nbsp.According to Tahir and Konstantinos (2011), bullying is regarded to be a persistent problem wherein the incident rates are incessantly rising significantly in the developed as well as underdeveloped nations.

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