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“Internet dating is a big, booming and global business”, states Hemmings (2005). It is very popular and common in today’s modern world and thanks to online social networks that anybody and everybody is meeting people online and getting interested in each others’ hobbies. This may turn into love which we call cyber love. There are thousands of websites dedicated to cyber dating specifically which give the opportunity to many men and women, individually or in groups, to meet online without having the need to meet in the physical world. The aim of these websites is to connect people for the development of personal and romantic relationships which may also be sexual in nature. It also results in matchmaking for marriages in many cases. Individuals give off their own personal information and match it with other individuals’ information on the basis of gender, age, race, nationality, and etcetera. Weopia and Omnidate are two popular online dating services.

Literature Review Arvidsson (2006) studied many profiles and case studies in his research about the online dating website, Match.com, to understand how online dating affects information economy. He found that cyber love and dating guides the “technologically enhanced communicative and affective capacities of internet users to work in ways so that this produces economically valuable content” (p. 671). In support of this research, Whitty (2008) also studied about the nature of relationships that form on online dating services and found that online relationships tend to empower people in making choices about their soul mate while sitting in the comfort of their homes and provide “a unique environment for people to experience and learn about relationships and sexuality” (p. 1837). Gibbs, Ellison and Lai (2010) conducted a valuable research on the uncertainty reduction theory and the warranting principle regarding the privacy concerns of the online dating services and found that personal security, misrepresentation, recognition, and self- efficacy were the primary privacy concerns shown by their research participants. Cyber love also gives rise to matrimonial infidelity- a serious issue studied by Elwood-Clayton (2005) in which she tells that cyber dating makes it very easy for men and women to become a cheat on their spouses. In support to the research conducted in the past, this paper is going to re-interpret the understanding of cyber love and cyber dating with focus on question: cyber love is truth or fiction? Methodology Participants The population of interest was common people of different ages, gender, race and marital status residing in &lt. your city&gt.. Total number of participants was 515 of whom 2 gave personal interviews and 513 completed the survey. Out of these, 2 who were interviewed online were the service providers of JDate.com and mate1.com. and those who completed the survey included 34 employees of different companies, 28 teenagers, and 451 middle aged and elder people (see Figure 1). 60% of all participants were male and 40% were female (see Figure 2). The mean of their ages would be 40. 60% of the participants were married. 30% were divorced. and, 10% were single (see Figure 3).

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