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Help in Supply (excel)

Everything you need to know about this assignment is in the file. My group is Odd number The deadline is in 7 hours All the answers in Chegg but different numbers

Development in PSY

1. Click this link – http://www.learner.org/resources/series138.html. When you get to the webpage, scroll down a bit and click the “VoD” link to the right of the program description for Video #5 called “The Developing Child”. This video is about 27-minutes in length. Point out which part of the video you found most interesting or intriguing? Explain why.

history 1880s – 1920s Womens Sufferage

Why did the demand for woman suffrage provoke such determined support and such bitter opposition, as illustrated by the 1913 parade and riot in Washington, D.C., and the experiences of the British suffragettes?

900 word paper

Here it is Write a 700- to 1,050 word paper discussing the following:   How do people communicate? Provide examples of verbal and nonverbal communication.   In what way can knowledge of nonverbal communication help your communication with others?   Analyze your results for the Student Listening Inventory. What do you do well? What can […]

Awesome Tutor only

Hello  I have two assignments on Economic class. the assignments are two summaries of two articles. put down the links of articles in the last of the paper. it is about Measuring Total Production and Income on chapter 8.  Those are the topicsGross Domestic Product Measures Total Production, Government Purchases, Follow the Spending to Measure GDP, or Production and Income.  […]


How would you explain the rationale for requiring companies to account for leases as capital leases to a non-financial manager? Provide two examples of situations in which a lease should be accounted as a capital lease, and explain the rationale for requiring companies to account for these leases as capital leases rather than as operating […]