Honda Target Market designing the Survey

1000 words-all new content- 3 references (staying on the Topic the Honda Auto company)

Now that you have determined the characteristics of the target market, design your survey, and construct the primary research.

  1. The survey should include 10–12 questions that you will use to collect information about the company’s developing marketing strategy. Include information about the following:
    • Explain why you chose the audience you did.
    • What are the audience segment’s perceptions of the company’s brands?
    • How is the audience segmented? By geography? By personality traits? By likes and dislikes?
    • What ethical concerns exist when conducting the research?
  2. During this week, conduct the primary research by sending out your survey to at least 10 people to use for the analysis.
  3. Send an update via e-mail confirming that you have sent the survey and any other progress you’ve made by midweek to your instructor.

Next week, you will enter and analyze the audience data to include in your key assignment draft of the research proposal.

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