General Health

After reading the two scenarios, pick one (1).  You will need to find three areas of that person’s life that are compromising that person’s health.  With facts you’ve learned from this course or other valid sources, tell me what three areas of his/her lifestyle need changing.  Then, again with facts to back up your statements, tell me how he/she should go about correcting the problems. Please be sure to substantiate your response so it is worthy of the 325 points assigned to this part of the final.




Rhonda just turned 52 years young. She works full time at a job that has her sitting behind a desk most of the day. At home Rhonda does all the cooking for herself and her husband. When she cooks she uses a lot of salt and fat because these two ingredients make tastier meals and remind her of her mother’s southern cooking. While cooking she tends to sip on wine, but may only have two or three glasses a night. On most nights she stays home, but occasionally will go out and take a yoga class with friends. After yoga she likes to have a few drinks to continue her relaxing mind state. Rhonda has never been into exercising because she is not coordinated and sweating makes her feel very uncomfortable. At this age, Rhonda believes chores are a waste of time, so she rarely cleans her house. She would rather spend her time relaxing and enjoying the rest of her life. On weekends she enjoys socializing and will consume more alcohol, perhaps drinking vodka drinks in addition to some wine. Rhonda does go to the doctor for annual check ups to renew her asthma medication, blood pressure medication and cholesterol lowering medication. She uses caffeine and nicotine on a daily basis. She is down to smoking only 5 cigarettes a day outside of the house. She gets mad at her husband when he smokes inside the house. She tells him it aggravates her asthma. About seven years ago Rhonda had breast reduction surgery in an effort to alleviate some back pain and knee pain she was having. She considers herself in good health for a woman her age.




James is a 20 year old male college student. He is a full time student who works part time at UPS. He has an apartment that he shares with one other student. He has been sexually active for about two years. Presently he is in a relationship with a woman he met a month ago and they are sexually active. He does drink during the week, but much more so on weekends, playing Beer Pong and other drinking games. He will often have 6-8 drinks in a couple of hours. He smokes only when he is drinking and is a recreational drug user. His diet consists of Mt. Dew. pizza and fast food. He hits the weight room twice a week and plays an occasional game of pick up basketball. He goes to the doctor only when he is sick (no health insurance) and does not know his blood pressure or cholesterol numbers. He is in the normal range for body fat and BMI

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