Seeking Full Course Guide for Ashford ENG 321: Introductory Linguistics



I am majoring in the ELL courses through Ashford and I am looking for complete assistance for this course. It is not at all what one would expect of an English linguistic course and delves more into the scientific processes of language rather than traditional linguistic study. I have maintained a high GPA so far, and I would hate to lose it on account of this course. I am looking for someone that can provide a full tutorial for all five weeks including discussions, assignments, etc. We are required to cite from the textbook assigned for this course (Fromkin, V., Rodman, R., & Hyams, N. (2014). An Introduction to language (10th ed.). Boston: M.A. Wadsworth) in our discussion posts each week and in our assignments (we are also expected to incorporate scholarly articles from sites like JSTOR in our essays versus wikis, blogs, and junk sources through Google searches).


I would prefer someone that has taken this course and is familar with the Ashford University expectations, and who can confidently produce A grade material in an English course (i.e. a strong writer with good grammar). Although I only intend to use the tutorials as a guide for what I should aim for if I want to get an A in this course it is important that the material be original, as I don’t want to draw inspiration from ideas or concepts that have been widely purchased by other students before. I do have software to check for plagiarism, because I do not want to pay a lot of money for assistance I will be penalized for, so I ask anyone who may respond to this request with a tutorial to please keep that in mind.


Thank you for your time and assistance,



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