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ONLY THE SECTIONS IN RED NEED TO BE DONE…I need exact intext citation for the sources you use as well as a reference sheet. Please stick to the guidelines the professor provided. I need at most 2 pages for both sections which come out to 4 pages.


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I am doing my assigment on African Americans 


Purpose of Assignment:  This paper gives students the opportunity to provide a written analysis of the family life cycle from one culture, nationality, ethnicity, social class, or diverse family form perspective.  Students will work from a multi-contextual framework to explore the following life stages:

·         Early/middle childhood

·         Adolescence

·         Young adulthood/middle adulthood

·         Later adulthood.


The paper should contain the following sections:


I.              A brief description of the culture, nationality, ethnicity, social class, or diverse family form that you will focus on in this assignment


II.            A discussion of the unique aspects of development (roles, expectations, gender differences, socialization processes, power structure in family, views on extended family/community and social connections, parenting practices, marriage roles, death and grieving process, etc.); and transition markers (rituals, rites of passage, beliefs, customs, values, etc.) for all of the life stages listed above. You do not need to cover all of these but it is important for you to provide a thorough analysis of all of the life stages for your respective population


III.           Implications for further research and social work practice. Discuss pertinent questions that require further exploration. Also, how could the information discovered be used in social work micro and macro practice?



References: Please use at least six references from the academic social science literature. You may use your textbook as a reference but it does not count as one of the five references.



Papers must be between eight – nine pages in length, not including the title or reference pages.  An abstract is not required for this assignment.

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