Utilitarian ethical analysis




There are five general ethical topics and you are required to select one of these topics and clearly define one focused and specific ethical question which you will investigate. The five topics are

1.Information and technology (Internet, social media, robotics, artificial intelligence etc.)

2.Immigration and refugees (Detention, humanitarian intake, skills migration etc.)

3.Media and advertising (Dishonesty, sexualisation, public interest, press freedom etc.)

4.Sport (Drugs, cheating, sledging, prize money etc.)

5.Whistleblowing (WikiLeaks, Snowden, protection of whistle blowers, corporate secrets etc.)

Present your assignment under clearly separated headings which answer parts ‘a to f’ below and provide a list of references at the end of your ethical analysis. No other introductions or summaries are required.

a.Clearly define your specific ethical question. (1 mark)

b.Provide a brief background discussion of your chosen ethical question that explains why it is important and in need of analysis. (2 marks)

c.Identify and fully reference facts relevant to the analysis of your ethical question. (2 marks)

d.What assumptions are needed to fill gaps in the available facts? (1 mark)

e.Analyse the ethical question using act utilitarianism. (3 marks)

f.  Provide an ethical conclusion. (1 mark)

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