Third Try Competency Based Education

This is my third try at this and is needed right away.  I am attaching what was done before. This needs to include all sections . 2 pages should cover this information


II. Describe an institution and analyze how the competency based education/issue impacts your institution (Your institution may be your choice of a previous institution that you attended, an institution you are currently attending, or an institution at which you are currently or previously employed).

a) Describe an institution, including type, demographics, location, size, funding, affiliations, and so on.

b) Analyze the impact of the competency based education on the institutional mission and vision in relation to academic and nonacademic programming. If there has been no impact, should there be one?

 c) Analyze the impact of the competency based education on institutional policy. If there has been no policy impact, should there be?

d) Evaluate the institution’s management of technology in relation to this competency based education and its impact on student learning for all student subgroups.






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