New Testament Personality Must Be 5 Pages Over Someone In The New Testimony Bibl

NEW TESTAMENT PERSONALITY: MUST BE 5 Pages over someone in the New Testimony bibleI. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND OF INDIVIDUALbirth place, death, 2. Who was ruling at that time3. Significance of individual: what roledid they play in New TestamentII. CONTRIBUTION TO NEW TESTAMENT1. Their role in New Testament history2. How their role effects today’s society3. How they affected New Testament DoctrineIII. PERSONAL REMARKS ABOUT NEW TESTAMENT PERSONALITY1. Individual remarks about the New Testament personality2. Outside sources of the importance of New Testament personality

The most sympathetic character in the New Testament is Simon Peter. He is the firstdisciple that Jesus ever had and hence among the first of the followers of the preaching’smade by Jesus…

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