Make 2 To 3 Sentences Of Each I D S And Make Sure To Use The Word Significant Si

Make 2 to 3 sentences of each I.D’s and make sure to use the word significant/significance at least once on the sentence. Make sure your answer explains who or what the ID was, why it is significant to the history of the US including what events caused it and what events it caused, and be able to situate it in the proper historical period. 

Frederick Douglass

Mason-Dixon Line

Solomon Northrup

Underground Railroad

The Amistad

Denmark Vessey

Nat Turner

“Moral Suasion”

Utopian Communities

The Shakers

John Humphey Noyes

The Owenites

Second Great Awakening

American Temperance Society

Horace Mann

American Colonization Society

David Walker’s An Appeal

William Lloyd Garrison’s 

The Liberator

“Wage Slavery”

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

The Grimke Sisters

Elijah Lovejoy

Gag Rule

Dorothea Dix

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Lucritia Mott

Seneca Falls Convention

Declaration Of Sentiments

Margaret Fuller

Sojourner Truth


Oregon Trail

Stephen Austin

The Mexican-American War

Civil Disobedience

John C. Fremont

Bear Flag Republic

Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Gadsen Purchase

Wilmot Proviso

Free Soil Movement

Popular Sovereignty

Compromise Of 1850

Fugitive Slave Act

Kansas-Nebraska Act

Republican Party

Know-Nothing Party

“Bleeding Kansas”

Dred Scott Case

Lecompton Constitution

Lincoln-Douglas Debates

John Brown


The Crittenden Plan

Fort Sumter

Anaconda Plan

Robert E. Lee

First Battle Of Bull Run


Border States


Emancipation Proclamation

The Gettysburg Address

Writ Of Habeus Corpus

Homestead Act

Land Grant (Morrill) Act

Pacific Railroad Act

Clara Barton


March To The Sea

Sea Island Experiment

Ten Percent Plan

Wade Davis Bill

13Th Amendment

John Wilkes Booth

Sherman’s Field Order 15

Freedman’s Bureau


Crop Lien System

Black Codes

14th Amendment

15th Amendment

Reconstruction Act Of 1867

Tenure Of Office Act

“Waving The Bloody Shirt”



Enforcement Acts Of 1870-71


Bargain Of 1877

This a five paragraph essay question. Please make 5 paragraph for each question. Make sure to form good strong paragraphs, a well-argued thesis, well written topic sentences that explain where the essay is going, and a strong concluding paragraph  that sums up the essay. You will need to provide 6 specific pieces of evidence in your essay. PLEASE UNDERLINE YOUR THESIS! 

1.How did America’s expanding interests in the Western Hemi sphere affect its foreign policy in the region and its relationships with migrant peoples around the world?

2.   What factors helped to bring on the American Civil War? 3.   In what ways did the Civil War answer some problems even as it created new, unresolved issues for the future?

4.   Lincoln  observed  in  1864  that  “we  all  declare  for  liberty but in using the same  word  we do not all mean the  same  thing .”  He  continued  to  explain  what  the  North   meant  and  what  the  South  meant,  and  how  victory   meant  a  national  norm  as  defined  by  the  North.  Illustrate how liberty would come to be understood for the  nation  after  the  Civil  War  and  analyze  whether  the   abolishment of slavery was enough to propel the United  States  to  finally  exist  as  its  founding  documents  suggested it should.

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