Identify One Comedy You Watched From The List Below Put The Title Of The Film At

Identify one comedy you watched from the list below. Put the title of the film at the top of your submission and the names of the main characters just below, each with a one-sentence description. Describe whose story it is. What was the status quo, the starting situation? What threatened to disrupt the equanimity? What complications ensued, making any resolution appear unlikely? How, finally, was the tension that lay at the heart of the film resolved through humor (150 words)? Next, do a close reading (350 words) of one scene (a series of shots united by time and place that, taken together, form a scene) that illustrates the “epiphany” that occurs in one or more of the characters and describe what cinematic techniques (camera movement and/or angle, editing, lighting, set, casting, sound, composition, etc.–elements not to be confused with actions and plot) the director employs to help immerse you in the moment. Try to stay as much as possible within the word limit. Concision is always more impressive (and harder) than wordiness. 

  • Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown / Mujeres al borde de un ataque de “nervios” (Spain, 1988) 
  • The Gods Must Be Crazy (South Africa, 1980)
  • My Sweet Little Village / Vesnicko má stredisková (Czechoslovakia, 1985)
  • Strawberry and Chocolate Fresa y chocolate (Cuba, 1993)

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