I Will Pay For The Following Essay Societal Norms And Rules In Saudi Arabia The

I will pay for the following essay Societal norms and rules in Saudi Arabia. The essay is to be 18 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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These restrictive social norms are derived in broader terms from a long history over many centuries. It is argued that Saudi ‘culture’ and ‘traditions’ have caused women to become disadvantaged and oppressed. Examples of this kind of argument can be seen all over the world, and particularly in developing countries where women struggle to achieve equal access to economic and social benefits. One study based on rural women in Southern Nigeria points out that influences from feminist ideologies can be suitable for application in urban areas, where there is frequent contact with Western people and Western ideas, but that this is not always the best approach in more rural areas: “There is, therefore, a need to transform such culture to accommodate or protect women’s interest, but based on the fact that feminists in the North are a product of western social history their solutions are not always appropriate in this non-western social context. This means that scholars and agencies must take into account the fact that cultural influences in rural areas are less diverse, and the need here is to address the whole culture, and not just the needs of the women in it. From the perspective of an anthropologist the issues are indeed related to a whole culture, and in some societies that notions like equality, individual rights, and personal choice can appear to be alien and irrelevant to women who adhere to a different moral order that emphasizes self-control, self- refinement, and duty to the family (Menon, 2000, p. 77) There is absolutely no point in trying to introduce, or impose, any social changes if the people in that society neither understand the concepts being used to defend them, nor see any concrete value coming out of such proposed changes. The position of women in such mono-cultural and patriarchal society is weak, and they cling to such elements of status and respect that they have, because they have nothing else.

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