I Will Pay For The Following Essay Evaluation Proposal Prospectus The Essay Is T

I will pay for the following essay Evaluation Proposal Prospectus. The essay is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The present study will be conducted on the basis of participant observation, where the researcher has planned to interview eight elderly patients and healthcare staff members each to explore the nature of diseases as well as the method of care provided to the aged. The researcher looks for completing his research within 3 to 4 weeks. The participant observation will also be supported with the questions established in the interview schedule, so that psychological problems could also be revealed. The research will be supported with the studied carried out in past on the same or relevant topics and the researcher will add the relevant literature in the study. After the completion of the paper, the findings will be analyzed by applying statistical tests.

The senior citizens are an important part of every social set up, which have rendered noteworthy services for the political, social, cultural and economic growth of their country. Since they are not capable of playing their role in the same effective manner as they had performed it at their young age, they are being neglected and ignored by an overwhelming majority of society. “Abuse and neglect of elderly persons”, Mildenberger & Wessman submit, “particularly by adult family members, is a serious social and health phenomenon that cannot be ignored. Physical therapists who deal with elderly persons must prepare themselves to recognize signs of abuse and neglect and to become familiar with existing intervention agencies and outlets for prevention. (1986: 2) Political authorities have established healthcare centers and institutions for the adequate look after of the aged people. In addition, private sector is also working efficiently in this field on non profit basis to provide them with care and supervision under a comfortable environment. Hence, the health improvement of the aged community is vital both for public and private health sectors.

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