I Will Pay For The Following Essay Bast Fibers And Glass Fibers The Essay Is To

I will pay for the following essay Bast fibers and glass fibers. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Data from various literature sources was compiled and used to a Life Cycle Inventory for the production of flax fibres. Three scenario were studied for the production of different fibers including natural bast fiber flax, glass fiber and china reed. The best method for agriculture practice was identified for the fibre production from the research. It is found out that flax fibre environmental characteristics can be enhanced with the use of biological control pests and organic fertilizers. Also, another most energy intensive fiber processing operation is spinning. This eliminates the energy use and eliminated associated environmental impacts. According to the energy analysis carried out, the reinforcement of glass fiber was found to be more effective in flax yarn. Similar amounts of Flax siver and glass fiber have same amount of energies quantities. The format chosen for reinforcement determines the environmental benefit arising from substitution of glass fibres by natural fibre. The most important factor to consider is the use of spun fibers as effective reinforcements in polymer matrix composites. In various engineering applications it is often the case that a given homogenous core material is reinforced using another material that is stiffer and also stronger to achieve required mechanical and material property. Usually the constituent material used for the reinforcement is fibrous. From a broad perspective fiber materials used for material composite reinforcement can be natural or synthetic.

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