I Will Pay For The Following Essay Art Analysis 4 Expressive The Essay Is To Be

I will pay for the following essay Art Analysis # 4 Expressive. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

This is a comic painting that is in contrast with the late Pollock or the tragic vision of the Rothko, it would miss a point if seen as being figurative. Nonetheless, it creates new areas of erotic everyday life to the abstract art. The painting is an abstract that does not exists. it is the woman that only exists on the mind of the painter (Mark and Annalyn 42). Moreover, the fabulation of brushwork and color, with the pushed, splattered, realized paint telling unequivocally that which is furiously sexual.

Regardless of the fierce heterosexuality that exists in the painting of Woman I, the artists who have followed de Kooning into the new space between real world and abstraction dealt in the sexual ambiguity. Indeed, closer to the de Kooning’s cartoon painting are the Oldenburg’s fantasies of the mass produced consumables sexualized and inflated. Indeed, the exaggerations made on the woman including the giant lipstick are simply a portrayal of the emotional and romantic state of the painter’s mind (Mark and Annalyn 51). In a nutshell, the painting is an abstract that only portrays the emotional state of mind of the painter. It shows that woman the painter fantasizes off during the painting period. It is therefore not a real life painting but rather an

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