Hi Need To Submit A 1500 Words Essay On The Topic Source Report Haughey S Studie

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Source report.

Haughey’s studies develop theoretically and descriptive analysis of gender selection through surrogacy. According to the author, medical methods used in surrogacy have made it able for prospective parents to propose the preferred sex of their children. In addition, people have developed appealing hypothesis to explain an aspect of sex selection. One of the theoretical hypotheses is concerned with creating a “balance” in families. Haughey (2005: 85) provides a descriptive study on how surrogacy technology provides couples with a chance to choose sperms that fertilise eggs. hence determining the sex of the offspring.

The discussion above lays a scientific foundation regarding the determination of offspring’s sexual features through the selection of sperms to be used for fertilization. Gender balancing eradicates the domination of one gender of children in the family unit by deciding which sexes should be included. In addition, some families may use sex selection to replace or rebuild the family after the death of a child. It is also evident that sex selection occurs when the foetus is selected based on gender, social or medical reasons before it is implanted into the womb. In addition, it is important to note that sex selection also occurs when the foetus is aborted based on gender.

Stacey develops theoretically and descriptive hypothesis to that link gender selection in surrogacy and medical reasons. According to the author, couples prefer to point out the desired gender of their children to avoid gender specific genetic and chromosomal disorders. Surrogacy also offers a ground where embryos are screened for genetic diseases and those that are found safe implanted into the mothers’ womb. The descriptive argument presented is that sex selection prevents people from having children with sex-linked diseases such as Duchene’s muscular dystrophy, sickle cell anemia or

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