Hi Need To Submit A 1000 Words Essay On The Topic The Mental Status Examination

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic The Mental Status Examination.

He was finally taken to the rehabilitation centre after along struggle.

Joni finished high school and was enrolled in a middle college. However, he dropped from the college after two semesters due to drug influence. In the college, he had other friends whom they were taking drugs together. Because of this, they were suspended and warned of arrest incase they proceeded with the act. However, he stated that the administration was just suspecting and he had to move away fast before any action. However, he seems to be above average because he reports that he had passed well in high school. The language proficiency and fluency were evidenced since he could coordinate well with little difficulty. Therefore, he can be considered as brilliant.

Joni initially started using the drug while at the age of eighteen. Before, he started drinking alcohol every weekend. Gradually, his interest shifted to smoking cigarettes until he graduated to cocaine use while in the college. This practice proceeded and the frequency increased daily. He did not realize that he had become addicted until one day when he missed taking the substance he became very sick and started trembling. On taking the drug, he felt good and was then motivated more to continue with the drug usage.

At the age of twenty two years, the body’s demand went higher and he introduced the injection. He stared doing the injection once a day, but later in a few months the rate of usage increased to about three to four times a day. Joni is still struggling to abandon the drug use because he has started feeling the consequences and challenges. The challenges he faces are mental in nature. Since I can understand his responses, he now has some small mental challenge cases that needed to be addressed.

Joni appeared to be older than his age and was looking frustrated.

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