Hi I Need Help With Essay On The Us Exports Alot Of Electronic Waste To Poorer C

Hi, I need help with essay on The US Exports Alot of Electronic Waste to Poorer Countries. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

e, developing countries, well aware of involved environmental and health hazards, continue to import e-waste partly for cash, partly for reuse and /or recycling, and partly for acquiring “latest” technology at affordable prices. The United States, who refused so far to ratify Basel Convention, remains worlds biggest e-waste producer. China, India, Ghana, and Nigeria come at the receiving end.

There has been efforts in the United States in order to impose stricter regulations on manufacturers of electronic products, especially given existing lax regulations overseen by Environmental Protection Agency. One such effort is a legistlation by Congressman Mike Thomson, notwithstanding criticisms.

Aside from illegality of dumping e-waste on developing nations, European countries have, at least in theory, much more stricter rules and regulations on e-waste exportation comapred to the United States.

A range of possible solutions has been proposed by non-for-profits, most prominently, Basel Action Network, a Seattle-based environmental group, as well as by experts in electronics manufacturing. Among solutions are suggestions to impose and enforce stricter regulations on e-waste products and to create-waste recycling programs (such as Dell and Apple did) in order to ensure a products lifecycle is managed in accordance with international environmental, health and safety

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