Hi I Need Help With Essay On Securing The Website And Reducing Liability To Prev

Hi, I need help with essay on Securing the Website and Reducing Liability to Prevent Negative Press. Paper must be at least 3750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

As usage of the Internet as a means to conduct business has increased in recent years, so has Internet fraud and technological crime. Today more than two years later security experts say that system vulnerabilities are popping up at a rate of six or seven per day and over 200 each month. Compared with 1996 only about five new system vulnerabilities showed up each month (Babcock, 2004, 1). Security is the first and last step in building an e-business enterprise. It is also the part of the infrastructure task that gets the least applause for a job well done. No one gets thanked when the hackers are kept out, but people get fired when the hackers get in (Lundquist, 2003, 3). Trust among the participants is very much required if anyone wants to use the internet for the purpose of e-commerce. One of the main security flaws of the Internet is an inherent technological flaw caused by decades of software development with little attention to security issues (Stein, 2003, 3). Nowadays it has become very much important to protect business digital along with protecting it physically. A companies’ security strategy for e-commerce must be a corporate-wide strategy for all Internet and computer use. A security hole at any level could compromise the highest degree of security at another level. Introducing the Internet exposes the server to millions of networks and users, many with less than honourable intentions. Just as Internet use has continued to increase, so too have attacks launched through the Internet.

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