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Hi, I need help with essay on Miller’s Perspectives on The Dark Knight. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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Under this broad topic, Miller presents two contrary perspectives that define and identify his view on interpersonal communication: situational perspective and developmental perspective. These two broad subjects distinguish themselves in several distinct ways so that when you consider using interpersonal communication, both the context and the content of the situation can only belong to one category but not the other. Analyzing the movie “The Dark Knight”, I conceived that a clear example of this concept is portrayed in the scene where the Joker encountered Batman in jail. In this scene, Bruce Wayne (Batman), the main character of this movie who is trying to protect Gotham City, confronted the Joker, the antagonist of the movie who believes that chaos and lawlessness is the only “sensible” way to live in this world, to figure out where to find Rachael and Harvey Dent “where are they? Tell me or I will kill you”. Throughout the scene the Joker plays around with Batman’s mind, warning him that the city will cast him out in the near future, implicitly calling him a failure if he kills him (only rule Batman follows is no killing) “thats the rule you would have to break to know the truth”, and calling him out for having an affair with Rachael when she is in a relationship with Harvey Dent. However, in the end of the scene, the Joker tells Batman where Rachael and Harvey are held, forcing Bruce to make a choice between the two “lets play a little game to save on of them…you have to choose”.

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