Need An Argumentative Essay On Health Psychology Evaluation Of The Benefits Of C

Need an argumentative essay on Health Psychology: Evaluation of the Benefits of CBT. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Andrea is being regularly seen by her GP for monitoring. Her GP has recommended a change of diet and an increase in activity in order to manage her diabetes without being overly dependent on insulin injections. No improvements in Andrea’s condition were however seen. The GP suspects that she is not complying with his advice. Andrea, however, claims that she has changed her eating habits and has resorted to walking instead of taking the bus to work every day.

The issue of diabetes was first seen about 1550BC when an Egyptian papyrus described a disease which can cause a person to rapidly lose weight and to urinate frequently (, 2011). More references to this disease were seen in other ancient societies, including the Greeks, where they speak of a disease which manifests with excessive thirst, excessive urination, and loss of weight. Aretaeus, a Greek physician, named the disease “diabetes,” a word which means “flowing through” (, 2011). During the 19th century, more tests were developed which made it possible to test the presence of excess sugar in the urine. Attempts at treating this disease were attempted but were initially unsuccessful. During the Franco-Prussian War, a treatment which primarily involved a restricted diet was implemented and this diet seemed to be effective in managing the disease (, 2011). Microscopic studies by Philip Langerhans around this time also helped identify the tiny cell islands in the pancreas. Barron, in the 1920s, related Langerhan’s cells to diabetes. Insulin was also identified and linked with the pancreas and diabetes. The treatment of this disease has improved significantly since then (, 2011). However, it remains one of the most difficult and delicate diseases to manage in health care. It has been known to cause various health complications, including organ damage and heart disease.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.

Diet is said to be one of the

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