Instructions This Essay Should Be A 600 900 Word Essay Focusing On The Assigned

A Tale for Our Time: choose 1 work from Weeks 3-6 and write a version of it that is aimed at a modern audience. For instance, what would The Art of Courtly Love be like if Andreas Cappellanus were writing for Millennials? What sort of tale might the Buddha have told about an earlier incarnation if he had been born at the end of the 20th century? Make your new version no more than 900 words (Part 1). Also include a follow-up “Author’s Note” of about 200 words (Part 2) that explains why you made the choices you did in presenting your new version of the story.

Please contact the instructor with any questions. Beginning the essay early in the week is recommended, as last-minute inquiries may not be answered until after the due date.

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