I Will Pay For The Following Essay How To Purchase A Used Car The Essay Is To Be

I will pay for the following essay How to purchase a used car. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Thus, the market for used cars is growing rapidly and it is giving ease to the middle and lower class people to own vehicles. With the many benefits of purchasing used cars, there is also a very high risk involved as it is a used car that can have many flaws and issues that are probably not disclosed by the seller.

When it is about a used car, it’s rather more confusing. It is easier because dealing person to person, payment method and paper work is easier but when it is about checking the car and ensuring it’s a good one, the process can be confusing and the seller can easily deceive the buyer. Hence there are some important steps that need to be considered when buying a used car. No matter how crazy the seller thinks you are, or how many mechanics you have to take along with you, or what kind of a previous relationship you have with the seller (if any), you must always be a hundred percent sure when you are investing your money in a used car. This is in order to prevent later regression.

Probably one of the most important decisions of a middle class person’s life is to choose the car that would be worth its value. Thus there are some important steps to check the car’s physical form. The first step is to check if the car is on ground level. This would help to check the sagging on the car and the tyres. Secondly it is important to check the surface of the car from all the sides. This includes checking the paint job to know of any dents, scratches, or rusty spots. This can usually be done by the buyer himself but many people would consider taking a professional or a person that knows very well about cars. The surface of the car indicates any previous dents, paint, or rusty edges which tell about the condition of the car. Scratches, rusty edges, and dents not only look bad but also tend to reduce the car value (Dessy 22).

The next step is to check the trunk of the car which is an indicator of the usage of the car. The trunk

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