I Will Pay For The Following Essay English As Lingu Franca In Arab Countries A C

I will pay for the following essay English as lingu franca in Arab countries : a conversationl aanlysis. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

I am Palestinian by birth and experience. I am American by naturalisation and experience and most of the er, all I love to teach. Er, Maha how about you, you like to teach?

Maha:I love to teach and Ive been to one of your classes and I fell in love with the method you use thats why I decided to er, get more er, how to say er, get more um, [claps] ideas from your method of teaching and apply them maybe in my future lessons [2:00] in the university degree in Italy. And er, I love your – the fun you – that you – you pass to your students, you give them – actually I loved one thing that you give them Arabic names at the first day.

Samir Bitar:Yes, yes, yes all the er, students er, that come into Arabic class with me become part of my extended family. And the first thing we do is we have everyone adopt an Arabic name so we can all get used to the sounds of Arabic names both males and females. Er, I work with the principle of the four Ls. I feel – tell my students we need to live, learn, laugh and love, okay? With love we can attain the highest in human existence.

My methodology is basically I am in it for the students. I like to create what I call a learner centred environment. Er, I love to teach er, many people ask me oh Samir you [3:00] – you are a teacher, you teach, I say teaching is not what I do, teaching is who I am. And thanks to the interest and passion by all the students that have been with me over the years and the things I learned from them I always have new ways to engage the students.

I like live language um, and I like to also bring many examples from our everyday life into the classroom because thats what the students are interested in and thats how they excel. Um, we start with Arabic from the beginning er…

Samir Bitar:Yes I – I always – Ive taught first years, second year, third year Arabic, I – I have experience with six graders, er, high school

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