I Will Pay For The Following Essay Drugs And Alcohol On Campus I Dont Want Alcoh

I will pay for the following essay Drugs and Alcohol on campus ( I DONT WANT ALCOHOL ON CAMPUS). The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Though seemingly obvious, it has caused havoc among institutions’ leadership, governments, and policy makers. Despite the enormous knowledge gained from campus on the great discoveries in the world, American history and quantum physics, most of them do not comprehend the looming health problems that are associated with alcohol and other drugs use. In fact, some students consider this behavior as a show of might and fame.

As a campus student, I know the problem is wide spread in campuses, or at least in my campus, as close to 88% of my fellow students use alcohol and other drugs. It goes for other campuses across the country, and the globe at large. Applying simple arithmetic calculations, this estimate translates to 9 out of ten campus students being users of alcohol and other drugs. Now, these figures are shocking if we consider the risks involved with alcoholism and substance abuse like road accidents to social crime like rape, all resulting from intoxicated minds. In extreme circumstances, health conditions like cirrhosis and a variety of cancer may be the result. Adding pain to injury, most of the alcohol products and drugs are available within the campus environment! I have witnessed several colleagues of mine in campus publically drinking and smoking in their “hide zones” that are apparently not so hidden.

From a personal sober point of view, alcohol and drugs use should be banned from campuses considering the fact that these are the institutions that the society has confidence in molding the future leaders. I envision walking inside campus environment without the somewhat ugly scenes of drunken students, or students getting high on drugs before attending lectures. I believe this is achievable with a well-organized plan, which would be to ban all the suppliers and cartels that avail these products within the campus environment. Campus administration should also design, implement, and enforce a set of

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