Homework Assignment 1 For Each Problem Include A Pdf Version Of Any Spreadsheet

and -1<=y<=1

Note: these constraints should be included directly in the solver program window.

Homework Assignment #1For each problem, include a PDF version of anyspreadsheet output, etc., and clearly indicate your finalanswers.(Problem 1 – use Excel)The van der Waals (vdW) equation is a cubic equation ofstate which may be used to calculate the volume oressure conditions for a real gas:RTP =aHere, v represents the molar volume of the gas, and P, R,and T are the absolute pressure, ideal gas constant, andabsolute temperature of the gas, respectively. The valuesa and b may be calculated using:a =27 R2TZand1 RTC64 Pcb=8 PcSo, when both the critical pressure (Pc) and criticaltemperature (Tc) are known, one can apply the vdW togia more accurate calculation than the ideal gas law.CHEN-200 COMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERINGHW #1a) Calculate the molar volume (L/mol) of propanec= 42.0 atm, Tc = 369.9 K) at 1 atm and 25 cb) Calculate the molar volume (L/mol) of nitrous oxidec= 71.3 atm, To = 309.6 K) at 10 atm and 200′

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