Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic What Is A Principle Other Than

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic What is a principle.

Other than these two examples, we can also observe the system of the whole world running on a defined set of principles.

Principles hold a key value in my life. To me, principles act as foundations for every personal and professional success. I never overlook my principles while dealing with any matter of life. Whatever the situation is, I always take every step following my principles. Some of my core qualities include honesty, truth, moral courage, hard work, and sincerity. I have based all of my principles on these characteristics. I always try to be sincere to others, speak truth in any situation, defend the disadvantaged, raise my voice over in any unlawful situation, work hard for my better future, and avoid backbiting. These are my principles of life which I follow in all situations that occur in my life.

I abide by my principles because they are the real gems of my life. They always keep me on the right track. They make my inner clean and fulfilled. They also guide me when I am in some trouble. On many occasions of my life, my principles have made me satisfied and pleased. Whenever I help a disadvantaged person, I feel extremely satisfied and relieved. Similarly, when I speak truth in a situation where it can cause problems for me, I feel that I have done something admirable. I love to follow all of my principles because they are as precious for me as any other asset. I believe that principles are assets that produce a number of considerable benefits for a person. Although we cannot touch these assets the way we touch and feel tangible assets, but the benefits associated with these assets are not less in worth than tangible assets. I would say that principles are such assets that guide us to acquire a number of tangible and intangible assets.

I believe that a person can never achieve success in his/her life without following some key success principles. The reason is that principles give us direction while enlightening the way to

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