Hi Need To Submit A 1000 Words Essay On The Topic 1 Discourse Community Analysis

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic 1 discourse community analysis.

Communication among mothers is one that is often characterized by the use of abbreviations and other non-verbal symbols that is clearly understood within their social cycles. The kind of abbreviations used while communicating depends on various factors like age, location and experience that one is undergoing. Understanding the abbreviations and the nonverbal signs used by mothers requires one to have interest and remain abreast with the current dynamics and changing terminologies.

One of the common abbreviations used by mother is BM which is used to refer to the breast feeding mothers. The abbreviation is common amongst mothers who are breast feeding or used by other women when referring to the mothers with young babies.

Women who undergo pregnancy tests also prefer using the abbreviation BFN standing for the big fat negative. The abbreviation is also prevalent amongst mothers who intend to pursues pregnancy test to enable them know their status. The term is normally used to help confine the communication amongst themselves in order to preclude others from being privy to such information especially at the earliest stage.

To describe the menstrual cycle experienced by women, mothers have mostly used the abbreviation AF- Aunt Flo. The term is largely common amongst mothers and women during their menstrual cycle. Most mothers feel shy to have unintended individuals to be privy to their menstrual cycle except for those they are consider very close with.

Mothers’ discourse cycles have also innovated some abbreviations to help minimize the use of long sentences and words while communicating. It is in this spirit that mothers who shop at baby centers refer to the baby shopping centers with the abbreviation BBC. To make their communication simple when describing current affairs maters, mothers often use the abbreviation BCPS to refer to birth control pills. Other common abbreviations include BF – breast feed

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