Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Story Of An Hour To Get To A Po

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Story of an hour.

To get to a point of climax, stories are read and films are watched. This is what determines whether a story is good or bad as it is the focal point of the story.

A sure climax will give a situation where there is a double approval or double disapproval. The short story by Kate Chopin, ‘The story of an hour’, offers every detail on its way to the death of Louise Mallard which is the climax of the story and comes so suddenly that most readers are caught off guard. It is a great story since it gives a lot of details as it leads to the climax. Chopin handles issues that are complex in the story as they involve the mixed feelings that Mallard had when she heard of the death of her husband in a train accident. They were marriage, female independence and love. The death of her husband gives her feelings that are conflicting as she feels the pain of her loss while at the same time. she is excited at the prospect of being independent as a female since there was no man to answer to after his death. The story ends in a manner that is not easy to predict as there is a new twist to the tale with the revelation that her husband was actually not dead killing her dream of being independent instantly. She dies from the shock and it is her husband who is freed from her and he stays to enjoy the independence that she would envy even in death. The story however does not go far enough to tell the reader what kind of emotions and thoughts went through Mr. Mallard’s mind.

In her story, Chopin makes Mrs. Mallard look like a sympathetic person who is strong in mind and has an insight. This is shown by the fact that she feels the pain of the loss of her husband but is strong enough and knows very well that it is no use getting attached to the loss but it is important to take advantage of the freedom that comes from the loss. In other words she takes on the positives from the loss. In the past American wives always answered to their husbands but those women who were

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