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As the chest wall has been penetrated, similar effects may be seen in the left lung without pulmonary lacerations due to the build-up of gas in the pleural space.

The patient’s ventilation is severely reduced. Blood oxygen levels are low, perhaps even to the extent of cyanosis. The heart rate is increased. Blood pressure may be within normal range but is likely to be low.

Gas in the pleural space provides a boundary across which sound must cross which means that auscultation sounds may be diminished or absent from pneumothorax patients. Their percussion is often hyperresonant (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 2010).

ECG abnormalities are usually associated with left-side pneumothorax. However, there is evidence that right-side pneumothorax causes ECG abnormalities. These include ST segment elevation (as seen in an old myocardial infarction), diminution of R wave amplitude in the precordial leads and inversion of precordial T waves (Tsilakis, Kranidis, Koulouris & Manolis, 2009).

An intercostal drain (chest tube) can be inserted under the axilla in the safe triangle. These tubes work by having a one-way valve which allows air to leave the system but not to re-enter, effectively draining the pleural space of the excess gas and allowing the lung to re-inflate spontaneously. In extreme cases, pleurodesis can be used. This is a surgical procedure which permanently removes the pleural cavity by attaching the lung to the chest wall. This is only to be used when pneumothorax and related breathing difficulties have not shown improvement in 2-4 days (Davenport & Tai,

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