Need An Argumentative Essay On Closing The Gap In Health Disparities Needs To Be

Need an argumentative essay on Closing the Gap in health disparities. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Answer While CBO report has undermined the importance of malpractice premiums in insurance and ignores the wider ramifications of defensive medicine in the increased cost of healthcare, medical malpractice reforms must continue as they have become hugely critical aspect of effective and universal healthcare. They are significant initiatives that are designed to improve and improvise healthcare deliverables. Obama’s healthcare initiatives have addressed crucial areas that impact effective delivery and the ones that are vulnerable to fraud and malpractice. Strong measures in curbing malpractices in Medicare and Medicaid have already recovered around 1 billion dollars in 2009 (Hoffman, Geroux and Schwartz, 2010). This is highly encouraging and inculcates trust amongst the populace, especially those who are still not insured or inadequately covered.

Answer 2

Patients have a right to sue healthcare service providers any negligence, on the part of the hospital or the physician, adversely impacts the health and overall well-being of the patient. In the recent past, there have been increasing cases of lawsuits against the healthcare industry, including insurers, physicians, hospitals etc. They reflect the growing dissatisfaction with the healthcare services. The new reforms as initiated by President Obama not only reduce gap in healthcare disparities but have introduced stringent punishment for erring service providers and instituted strong monitoring system to check malpractices and quality of service (Graham, 2011). The incentives to high performing service providers and punitive actions against low performers are intended to improve and improvise the quality of healthcare delivery. The lawsuit against hospitals and physician would therefore further help to improve the healthcare services.

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