It Is A Competitive World When It Comes To Grants That Is Just As True Of Founda

It is a competitive world when it comes to grants. That is just as true of foundation grants as it is for individual fundraising. There are many keys to success in seeking a grant but perhaps most important is to know what foundations are looking for in the organization they might consider worthy of a grant. To do this, you must understand how your organization and the funder’s mission and goals match.

Concerning your grant project and the foundation you are seeking a grant from, respond to 1 of the following questions and reply to one other classmate’s response:

Do you have relevant programs (regarding what the grantmakers are supporting) in your organization with an excellent reputation for service delivery that would improve your chances of obtaining the grant (support with data or narrative)?

How are your programs you want to obtain grant money for different than other organizations in the same area (Why would a grant foundation award you the grant over another similar program)? Convince me why your program is “different” than others.

Can you demonstrate with actual research that your programs make a difference for those you serve?

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