I Will Pay For The Following Essay Managing Emerging Technologies The Essay Is T

I will pay for the following essay Managing Emerging Technologies. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

ERP systems data mining options help the research and development ‎department, marketing department, customer relations department and public relations department. ‎This results in high customer satisfaction level but also help to increase the profitability of the ‎organization. But with the introduction of this ERP systems there are number of challenges which ‎come as a curse to the organization. An organization needs to counter all these challenge to get the ‎most out of this technology (Leon, 2007).

It is crucial to understand that what is innovative in this ERP ‎system. Is this just a myth or it really works? If an idea is not workable then it is not ‎innovation. Ideas come to mind frequently but making those ideas work for the betterment of ‎organizations is innovation in real sense (Denning, 2004). If an employee find ways to give better customer service but ‎his finding are just a research and not workable in real environment than the idea worth nothing. ‎

There are various things which an organization has to keep in mind in order to generate innovative ‎ideas and let those ideas work for them for a longer period of time. ‎First of all the organization should be aware of all technological enhancements and updates in the ‎industry and relevant environment. In case of ERP system our organization has strategically analyzed different ‎opportunities which can be availed and also the problems which we have to encounter. ‎

The other important thing is focus and persistence. Once the opportunities are identified and they are ‎tested in different environment and situations the organization may stay firm on its decision. ‎Organization needs to focus on their target and avoid all kind of distractions and opposition. Every ‎good idea is opposed initially. Organization must concentrate on implementation of ideas. Once the ‎idea is triggered and start benefiting the people will

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