Hi Need To Submit A 2500 Words Essay On The Topic Self Research Paper As Part Of

Hi, need to submit a 2500 words essay on the topic Self-Research Paper.

As part of my experience, this research is going to address the challenges encountered in the process of seeking to succeed in sports, more specifically hockey.

The theory of planned behavior is one among the most significant and common conceptual structures employed in the study of actions done by human beings. There are three considerations that guide the model. normative beliefs, behavioral beliefs and control beliefs, which have greatly influenced my sports development. These three beliefs are that which shape the actions and the performance of every individual in the society. The behavioral beliefs are the ones that determine the attitude of a person towards a given behavior. The behavior will in turn shape the manner the person is going to perform in the given activity that relates to the behavior. The normative beliefs make up the fundamental determinants of the individual norms. Finally, the control beliefs determine the perceptions for the control of the behavior (Ajzen 179).

The core factor regarding the theory of planned behavior is that my intention to perform a particular behavior, such as playing hockey, will grasp the motivational aspects that shape that particular behavior. This in turn will provide an indication of how hard an individual is going to try and the amount of effort he is going to exert to successfully, perform or practice the given behavior. For example, if a student is participating in athletics with the aim of winning scholarship in athletics, the student will have two motivating factors, academics and athletics. The behavioral belief that the student will have, is the need to work harder and exert high effort to be able to produce good results both in athletics as well as in academics. On the other hand, the normative belief that the student will have, is the necessity of performing well in particular classes with

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