Hi Need To Submit A 250 Words Essay On The Topic Group Discussion Presenatation

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Group discussion presenatation.

We can’t be held up, we can’t be interrupted” (Renda 393).

Most elements of the play originate from Javanese’s and Hindu-Buddhist’s thoughts. The play is in opposition to the dominance of the state, and a critique to contemporary politics. It aims at expressing the struggle of a culture to preserve its autonomy amid exploitation from modern capitalism. The ambassadors, based on their names, come from the western nations with interest in a piece of the resources, and through a language of progress and development. The palace of Astinampuram and the queen are taken to be a satirical representation of the Indonesian president and his wife. They represent the monarch system of the country. The kingdom consisting of leaders who are self-seeking shows the state of Indonesia during Suharto’s rein (Varney et al. 89). From the highlighted points, it is plainly evident that the play is a fictitious representation of Indonesia and Asia at large, though the writer affirms in the beginning and the end that the play is not done in Indonesia. An Asian setting can as well be affirmed by the statement “Across the sea, in the land of the ogres-I mean Europe and America….” (Rendra 292) The statement points that as much as the play would not be in Indonesia, it was still in Asia, after alienating the two stated

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