Hi Need To Submit A 2000 Words Essay On The Topic Whether The Use Of Responsive

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Whether the use of responsive web design is able to maintain user experience quality on many devices or not.

RWD is gaining a lot of popularity in recent times as from the year 2010. Use of responsive web pages has been popularized by the extensive us of smart-phones and tablets. Browsing through mobile phones has been foreseen to grow and outgrow browsing through the personal computer since the early 2000 and the move to mobile phone browsing dominance is predicted to take place around 2013 and 2016 (Marcotte, 2010).It has also been predicted that the sales of tablets will surpass the sale of personal computers and laptops by the year 2014 (Joly, 2013). The statistics leave web designers with no option but to optimize web pages to the user-friendly to the larger market share.

Responsive web pages have achieved and maintained a rich user experience on very many different devices. Responsive web pages have used several technologies over the last few years to make this happen. Responsive web design is gradually changing from being entirely device centered into being context focused. The elements of RWD that make it successful are flexible media, fluid layout and media queries. In contrast to fixed layout that uses specified static unit like pixels, points, and inches, fluid design uses relative units and percentages (Nebeling & Norrie, 2013). Fluid design of RWD is made to be relative to the viewpoint or window width of the browser being used. Child elements are also made to be corresponding to the widths of their parent elements. Gardner, (2011) says that video, plugin content or images, which form part of flexible media, are achieved using relative units. The Relative units specify the width of the media inside their main container elements.

Earlier technologies used fixed layout that had fixed width wrapping items. The elements will be of the same width for all users regardless of the device being used to view the website. Same width elements will be viewable, even though, the items inside the wrapper

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