Hi Need To Submit A 1500 Words Essay On The Topic The Concept Of Social Variable

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic The Concept of Social Variables.

Thomas Highway, a native of Toronto, Canada, expresses a certain pride about his nation through this article, “Canada, My Canada”. He bases his pride on the fact learned in the newspaper where Canada was ranked first by the United Nations according to the standard of living of 174 countries. He praises Canada, which also reveals the writer’s unconditional and a slightly biased love for his nation. The author argues that despite loopholes, the nation of Canada deserved to be number 1 (as ranked). The argument put forward by the author to support his point mainly lies in the scenic beauty, the versatility of sightseeing as (subtle) compared to the dry and monotonous sands of Australia. The author praises the diversity of culture, race, and language, as well as that of the food dishes along with the changes in landscape – the white foam of Newfoundland coastal region, mountain ranges of the West oat, wheat fields of Alberta and sandy beaches of Prince Edward Islands, are some of the examples cited. However, these cannot be enough reasons to rate a nation as first because the standard of living is also based on the cost of living which might not be affordable by all, especially the poor immigrants and black people, shunned by the racist society. No account is taken of all those undocumented women and children who are exploited every day. Being unable to afford the cost and find an employment, they struggle with poverty while the costs of living in luxury raise the living standards overall.

The author’s judgment and the argument are, therefore, one-sided though he perhaps tries to cover his position saying that Canada has given a “safe haven” to many. However considering the statistics of unemployed immigrants and the gender bias sharply reflected, one needs to reflect how ‘safe’. Despite lightly mentioning the crime rate, medical crisis and hatred the author sums up to support his nation, saying, “In the global scheme of things we are well off”.

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