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Darwin tried to use the laws of physics and craniological data to support the beliefs he had on the position of women. It should be noted the medical community accepted Dwain’s and other scientific ideas and adopted them in treating women thereby fixing the productive organs of women. Different contributors, scientific and non-scientific cited different pieces of evidence to support the inferiority of women. Most of the contributors argued that women of the 19th century could have never been politically active nor could they have been overly educated (Straus, 1994). Therefore, the “woman question” from the 19th Century revolved the inferiority of women to men.

In the late 19th century, women were ever bothered with numerous concerns that sometimes men consider issues of less concern. Marriage was an issue not to be considered by women. The marriage decisions were pegged on some unjustified goals and objectives that never sought the opinion of the woman thereby endangering their family lives. Just as postulated by Darwin, women remained inferior and were never allowed to address concerns that they felt were of higher interest to them. In all aspects of life, men deliberated on these issues and drafted vital decisions on behalf of women (Vivian, 2008). Nonetheless, different social settings had different concerns on the issues related to women. The 19 century saw many societies reacting differently to the social concerns of women. Notably, some regions of them started leaving women to make their own decisions on certain issues especially marriages while other societies remain undermining the capability of women to make their own decisions.

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