Hi I Need Help With Essay On The Image Of Martin Luther King Giving Speech I Hav

Hi, I need help with essay on The image of Martin Luther King giving speech I Have a Dream in 1963. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Moreover, the source offers information some of his civil right movements which is critical in answering the question on the ways in which he fought for the freedom of African Americans.

Andrew Young the author of this book offers a chronological record of some of the experiences that Martin Luther went through during his struggle to campaign for the freedom of African Americans. The author was one of the leading members of the civil rights movement during that time and hence offers a detailed account of the mistreatment, police harassments and other challenges that Marti Luther remained resilient to because of his determination to see the African Americans treated as equal American citizens. This book is a powerful source in the discussion about Martin Luther’s experience and contributions in the civil rights movements. The author’s close association with Martin Luther as members of the civil rights movement serves to augment the reliability of the source.

Daisy Bates the author of this book presents an extensive and intensive description of the efforts of African Americans to fight for equality. She describes the severity of the segregation that existed between the black and whites and then illustrates how some of the leaders of African American collaborated with the same mission of demanding for equality. From the details she provide, it becomes evident that martin Luther king was influential in this course. This book is a reliable source when describing the mission that Martin Luther was working to achieve. Since the book offers an in depth description, it becomes evident that it can be used to develop a clear understanding of how Martin Luther and his contemporaries who participated in the civil right movement strategized as they fought for the freedom of the African Americans.

This book offers an extensive description of the belief and certain personality traits that helped shape the leadership of Martin Luther. The author of the book sought

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