Hi I Need Help With Essay On Should Kin Be The First Choice As Adoptive Parents

Hi, I need help with essay on Should kin be the first choice as adoptive parents. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

However, this is difficult to ascertain due to the ever-changing family set up. In America, the kinship adoption involves the adoption of a child by a relative either a grandparent or stepparent (Green, n.d.). Most of the kinship care is voluntary.

Kinship plays an important role in the adoption. therefore, preference should be given at the time of an initial placement. There are various benefits of having the relatives as first choice adoptive parent. The child is protected from the challenges such as cultural shock, and feeling out of place. There is also more chance of having the biological parent associating with the child more often. This means that the bureaucracy faced with the reintegration process will be minimized. Indeed, this promotes the continuity of family relationship through regular visitation. Moreover, in America most of the states allow the welfare worker to have a continued interaction with the child being adopted. This is mostly emphasized in foster homes, but in cases where the child is under the attention of the relatives the roles of welfare workers is minimized.

Secondly, there is an advantage of relatives being an adoptive parent. Kinship is essential in the adoption process as there is more understanding of the child needs, behavior and other sociological aspects. This is because most of the relatives have deeper knowledge of the child since birth. The child is also likely to be familiar with the caregiver. This means they have an advantage in addressing all the child sociological needs. Moreover, they will be able to stabilize the child in various forms of deprivation they have had experienced before the unification.

Moreover, the child in a kinship family enjoys relative stability and peace. This is because there is a blood relationship and a strong emotional bond. However, in the alternative families most of the children are likely to face racial

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