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This inverted pyramid is the physical representation of an overstaffed company that is weighed down by redundant positions caused by over-staffing. By allowing myself to develop and use staffing solutions as they are applicable to the company I work for, I will be able to ensure that the company will not lose money paying for non-functional or overlapping positions because I will always have the right number of staff members for various work schedules in the company stemming from light, moderate, to heavy work loads.

The staffing program of any company will be of the utmost importance in ensuring that the company is never caught under or over-staffed. More importantly, it is important to place the correct people, who have the correct educational background and relevant work experience in the proper positions of authority within the company. By properly staffing the various departments, the company will be able to recruit only the best individuals for the job and pay them their proper wages in order to keep them happy on the job.

It is important to look not only into the number of staffers hired by the company during a given season, but also to look at the quality of the people being hired. By staffing the company in this method, in-house promotions can be guaranteed to the most qualified individuals who in turn can take advantage of the cross-training, development, and advanced studies that the company has to offer its ranking employees. In the end, proper staffing will make sure that the company will have a high retention rate and limit the need for constant newcomer training.

I am looking forward to continuously building up my career success rate during my employment era. That means that I shall strive towards self fulfillment at all times so that when the time comes for me to retire, I will have left my unmistakable print and

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