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They act as a form of representation of the people at work (Brock &amp.&nbsp.Lipsky, 2003). These unions seem like a better place for the public workers to engage in collective bargaining in order to gain their fundamental needs. Over the last years, there have existed a number of key transformations in the economy and the industries. A large number of people are either without employment or they toil under the continuous intimidation of joblessness. These groups act on most cases on behalf of the union members. Through the management of the unions, the associates are able to pass their claims and needs to their employer as one voice (Cihon &amp. Castagnera, 2011). This brings up the system of collective bargaining in that the union takes up the role of negotiating with the employer in order for them to offer a good deal to the workers. These forms of collective bargaining are aimed at coming to a point that the working state of the employees is regulated. The old, working outlines have been forgotten. People are now working under different conditions, like short term contracts, temporary or part-time (Brock &amp.&nbsp.Lipsky, 2003). …

A single employer cannot have control on some of the most crucial characteristics of their lives, for example, their working place. However, when the public workers get an opportunity to join the unions, they gain an upper hand in accomplishing democracy in the workplace. Their voice as one influences the founding of the regulations that have power over them (Cihon &amp. Castagnera, 2011). Deductive reasoning is a form of research that works from a universal point of view to a precise point. On the other hand, inductive reasoning works in the converse way it moves from definite examination to broader overview (Wiley, 2013). Argument The workers undergo difficult problems, and they are not in a position to raise their concerns to the managers. These ranges from low payment, practices of labor that are exceedingly poor, unsafe working conditions and tough policies et cetera. In other occasions, the employer may become hostile to the workers and because the personnel are under the manager they have no power to complain as individuals (Brock &amp.&nbsp.Lipsky, 2003). Majority of the workforce has been pushing for union representation (Brock &amp.&nbsp.Lipsky, 2003). They want to be represented in the negotiations that look upon their wages, working hours and other conditions that align with their employment. like safety from sucking without good reason (Wiley, 2013). The union will ensure that each employer has equal rights in their workplace as others. It shall ensure prosperity in the livelihood of people. This protects the wellbeing and offers security to the staff. There will be fairness in order for the nation to develop (Wiley, 2013). According to Brock &amp.&nbsp.

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