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The project manager has to establish a team of functional specialists to complete the individual tasks of the project. The project manager usually has such qualities as team building, be able to motivate, communicate and be a good listener. In addition, the manager has to be a facilitator and not a supervisor, one who synthesizes instead of being an analyst and finally be problem oriented rather than being discipline oriented.

An effective project management has got four main functions. Project planning, team building, directing and control measures. The planning process entails a sequence of activities planned to ensure that the project meets the deadline given, within budget and the expected outcome. Results from planning have to make sure that the overall objectives of the project can be realized. The planning process entails considering schedules and budgets. The budget identifies the resources needed and the means of financing the project. Scheduling establishes timeliness and milestones for the completion of tasks and activities that makeup the project.

Project scheduling involves a sequence of activities in a logical and systematic way. Once established, appropriate resource allocation for each activity becomes the next challenge. Budgeting applies to the costs associated with each activity. There are the budget figures with time. The costing has to be done on material and labor, direct and indirect.

Team building can be defined as finding the appropriate person to do a specified task in a competent manner. The project has to determine the staff level requirements for each task, the period of engagement for each member, and where each team member lives. The members may come from either within the organization or from an external consulting firm.

Directing involves guiding project activities to their timely completion within the assigned budget. Through directing, staff members get to familiarize themselves with the project and their individual

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