Hi I Need Help With Essay On Conflict Management Styles Paper Must Be At Least 2

Hi, I need help with essay on Conflict Management Styles. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The paper will be structured in the following manner. To begin with, a broad definition of conflict will be provided. Thereafter the paper will explain that conflict is positive and point out the importance of engaging in conflict. The benefits of constructive conflict management will also be elucidated. Having established the importance of engaging in conflict, the next part of the paper will highlight the two categories of conflict that we are likely to face in our daily lives as well as the causes of each type of conflict. Having elaborated on the different varieties of conflict, the two dimensions of conflict behavior that these different conflict situations evoke will be explained and the various conflict handling styles will be examined.

A conflict is a disagreement between individuals or groups who have differing needs, interests, opinions, and values. A conflict can be defined as a “condition in which people’s concerns appear to be incompatible” (Thomas 2). Anger, blame and distress are common emotions associated with conflict. There are certain misconceptions and pre-conceived notions about the conflict. Most people believe that conflict is negative, abnormal or unhealthy. However, the reality is that conflict is positive and it is healthy to engage in it.

Conflict is inevitable! Whether it is in business or personal relationships, conflicts are bound to happen. Conflict is often considered a taboo and people often try their best to avoid it. However, the reality is that most relationships require productive conflict in order to grow. Individuals who prefer to avoid debate on important issues and stay away from conflict are likely to cause dangerous tension. They may resort to personal attacks which are more harmful than heated arguments over issues. While conflict has its risks, in most cases it is a learning experience and an opportunity for growth. Hence it is a mistake to assume that conflict is harmful “because only if people express their differences will new ideas emerge. Indeed some degree of conflict between individuals and groups…potentially beneficial in terms of motivation and setting higher standards”.

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