Need An Argumentative Essay On Profiler Learning Skills And Weaknesses Needs To

Need an argumentative essay on Profiler: learning skills and weaknesses. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

tion marks, I am at times however confused when it comes to the use of some of the lesser used symbols such as the use of semi-colons and full-colons in place of commas, and full stops respectively.

My note taking skills can be rated as being average and not particularly exceptional. While I am quite capable of taking notes during presentations, the notes I take are not always useful as I can sometimes easily miss noting down some of the more important aspects of the presentation, I am usually forced to try and argument my notes by using the notes taken by some of my classmates during the presentation.

My expansive English vocabulary enables me to quite easily put information in my own words while leaving out large chunks of the information that speakers present during a presentation. This skill has served to allow me to easily take notes during presentations. In addition to this function, my vocabulary also causes me to be quite efficient at putting my own ideas onto paper using the right words, however, I at times end up editing a document several times as I replace some of the words used with what I consider to be more appropriate words.

In order to improve my writing skills, I am currently working on improving my average note taking skills so as to allow for me to be able to take better notes in class. Some of the other areas that I am targeting so as to improve my writing skills include my use of the correct grammar and punctuation and the ability to get my own ideas onto paper using the right words, to do this, I carefully take time to think of what I am about to write and thereafter making sure that I do not flout any grammar and punctuation rules regardless of how minor the rule might appear to be.

My reading of professional and academic texts skills are relatively good as a result of my having had to constantly read large volumes of both these forms of texts so as to be able to post good grades in my exams. As a result of the long hours I have had to

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