Need An Argumentative Essay On Analyzing An Advertisement Needs To Be 1 Pages Pl

Need an argumentative essay on Analyzing an Advertisement. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

At the top of the advertisement is a phrase written in huge letters stating “The Luxury Soap of the World”. This statement appeals to the emotion and logic of the readers. By saying that, it will hopefully persuade the people to buy the product since it is world-class.

In one corner of the advertisement is a short paragraph, “In Mayfair”. This paragraph seems irrelevant in the whole advertisement. One thinks that it does not add impact on the message that it wants to relay to the readers. The advertisement could have stood without it. The designers of the advertisement probably thought that this will add credence to their claim that the soap is the one used by the aristocrats.

In the last part of the advertisement, the benefits of using the soap is presented. It uses bold capital letters to emphasize the advantages of using Yardley soap. Below the last paragraph the price of the product is written and it states where it can be bought. Further below, the various products of Yardley are

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