Name If You Re Given Only An Upper Note And Label And Asked To Provide A Lower N

If it is possible can you explain to me and can you show me how to find those ? Thank you so much!

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Name :"If you’re given only an upper note and label and asked to provide alower note , your task is to find the scale in which the given note isthe specified scale degree . Let’s say we want to find a M3 below D:"I M3This asks us to provide a lower note that is tonic of a major scale in which D is3 . The question , essentially , is : " If D is 3 in a major scale , what is 1 ? " To findthe answer , you can count down three on the staff ( back three in the musi -cal alphabet ) to situate the note on the correct line or space , then determinewhether an accidental is required . We know that distance 3 down from D is B,but we also need to know whether this B requires an accidental . It does : Disnot 3 in B major ( D # is ) but D is 3 in Bb major , so we need to flatten the B :`84TO`M3Or using half- step counting :"89. 50count HI steps :23bebeAs always , if you use this method , just be sure that the spelling of the lowernote is correct -_ Bb , not A$ .E . Add a note below the given note to form the specified interval .OO1 . P 42 . M33 . M74 . M 25 . PS6 . MG7 . P 48 . M3LESSON 13 : INTERVAL BASICS219

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